A eulogy for Marguerite Aldine Tucker

I want to share with you some memories of Marguerite Aldine Barnhill Tucker, a great woman and my mother. I would like to start by sharing some thoughts from a book. These thoughts accurately define my mother, my father and their generation.

The book is called "The Greatest Generation", by Tom Brokaw

According to Tom Brokaw, characteristics of the greatest generation the world has ever known are:

There is another defining name that is appropriate for Mom and that is “Steel Magnolia”. According to one internet site, Steel Magnolias are know for their beauty, grace and charm as well as their resourcefulness and inner strength. Mom has personified all of these characteristics to many of us.

Some history of Aldine Tucker, a Steel Magnolia and a member of the greatest generation in the history of mankind.

Mom's youth:

Education, the pioneering Aldine really begins here:

Mom's family, marriage, kids, grands, greats:

Mom's working career:

Life after working:

Things that made Mom outstanding:


Mom's strength of convictions – once she decided what was right she never wavered.

She completed every task to her standards, nothing but your best is good enough. She never left a task until she was satisfied with results

So I say goodbye my Steel Magnolia. Thank you for the tools you gave me to live my life.

I love you and I miss you.

Your loving son,

Neil E. Tucker