A eulogy for Richard Edward Tucker

I want to share with you some memories of Richard Edward Tucker, a good man, my father and my friend. I would like to start by sharing some thoughts from a book. These thoughts accurately define my father and his generation.

The book is called "The Greatest Generation", it is written by Tom Brokaw

According to Tom Brokaw, characteristics of the greatest generation the world has ever known are:

Some history of a member of the greatest generation in the history of mankind.

He was born on a cold December 26, 1923 in Minneola, Kansas to Frank and Trannie Tucker.

He died at 5:25pm, October 4, 2000 at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana, Illinois.

Some important dates between those dashes:

I want to share with you a few things I am thankful to him for:

I am thankful for his love and support

I am thankful for his generosity

I am thankful for his forgiveness

I am thankful for his undying faith in me – and his undying commitment to me

He taught me to see problems and to solve them.

He taught me to have courage

He taught me to love.

He taught me the importance of honor, duty and faith.

He taught me to be independent – maybe a little too much so…

He taught me the importance of being dedicated and committed to my family, my friends, my country and my god.

He taught me be a good person -- always

Some recollections I have about life with my father:

As a small boy riding on the tractor

Of his broken ankle

Seeing him in the Minneola hospital and being terrified for his safety.

Of driving the pickup across the Kansas wheat fields when my feet didn’t reach the petals

Teaching me to shoot a gun

Of his frustrations with my struggles through school

Teaching me to drive a car with a column mounted manual transmission

Teaching me to understand the physical universe – Dad could fix almost anything. And, when something broke Dad was the first person we would call.

I had the pleasure to work shoulder to shoulder with him for many years. He worked hard and he did great work always. Jobs were never half done. When we finished a job it was finished and you could be proud of it.

He was a man and he could cook and clean.

We fished together.

He was a great friend – he would share everything he had with his friends.

He loved my mom dearly.

He loved his family with all his being. There would never be a time when a member of his family needed him and he wasn’t available.

I am so thankful for the many things he taught me

I want you to know that I love my father and I am extremely proud of the man he was. I will strive to be as good a man. I am honored and humbled to be called his son.

Today I have come to help bury a member of the greatest generation in history, a good man, my father and my friend. I will miss him forever!

His loving son,

Neil Edward Tucker